This is the "Ball Decor" pattern in "Holiday Boutique Knitting".  The following are the results from using different yarns.  The sky is the limit with this pattern.  You could let the yarn do the work (like these examples) or add stripes or crystals or any pattern you choose!

You're welcome (for the free pattern) to all the people that belong to my Ravelry knitting group, "Holiday Boutique Knitting"!!  I am hooked on the ball decor and want to knit some white and navy striped ornaments, along with plain white with some added bling and plain navy.  There are so many ideas for a "nautical themed" Christmas tree!!
Did you see The Wall Street Journal March 5?  So touching and another example of the importance of the arts and crafts as part of who we are and a vehicle to connect us to one another.  Check it out!
Check out this article at;slide=0;  I think it is very inspiring and is giving me spring fever!  It certainly isn't granny squares!  I would like to put a picture up but
I just talked to a teacher in my area and she said that they have taken home economics out of the schools here.  Children are so busy that they don’t have time to learn how to knit, crochet, hook rugs, etc. and I find that a very sad thing.  I know that I have found much solace and joy in my own life through the needlework arts and think it would be a shame if this was taken away from this young generation. There is something so special about the craft being handed down from mother to daughter or grandmother to grandchild.